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Thinking of Selling

Pre-Sale Property Repairs...

We're the home repair specialists. It's impossible to find someone to come into your home to do all those small and mid-sized repairs that will ensure your home sells quicker for more. We specialize in exactly that, small to mid-sized home repairs.

What Makes One Home Sell & Another One Sit ?

The answer is often in the property's condition. Buyers today are dumping all of their available funds into the purchase of their future home, and are left with nothing for updates and repairs on their current sitting property.

You as a seller have control to ensure your property is the one that sells not sits. Make key repairs and updates to your property before you put it on the market to ensure you stand out and attract the most motivated buyers.

Key repairs and updates are those that will :

A) Ensure you get top return on investment.

B) Ensure your property passes the buyer’s home inspection.

We will come into your home, inspect it and give you a report on suggested repairs and updates that we can do to tune up your home cost effectively and that will give you top dollar return on investment.

How Do We Work ?